Student Support



At Nasser Vocational Training Centre, experience is education. You’ll learn the skills of your field in classrooms and labs. You’ll develop talents, passion and lifelong bonds. NVTC is committed to support all of its students through a range of services and facilities that will help students make the best of their time here. Our students will always find some activities for every interest and passion in NVTC.


It is NVTC’s responsibility to provide an environment that is both healthy and safe. We provide our students with a safe learning environment by:

  • meeting occupational health and safety standards.
  • training staff in appropriate accident prevention, fire and evacuation procedures.
  • maintaining and cleaning our buildings regularly.
  • providing 24×7 security services.

It is the student’s responsibility to follow safety regulations and report accidents and health and safety issues to either his teacher or a senior member of staff. In some programs, students must wear protective clothing. He will need to follow his teacher’s instructions on the safe use of materials and equipment.


The Centre is well-staffed by security officers. If students have any concerns about security issues, they can see their teacher, department head or a member of Student Services. NVTC Security staff have the authority to give directions to the students. Students have a responsibility to follow the directions and show respect to security staff at all times.


Students are offered a financial incentive to remain on the course for the duration in the form of a student stipend. The purpose of an educational stipend is to support and enhance the overall student educational experience. Stipends are not considered as wages. Students receiving stipends are not considered employees of the Centre for any purpose. Each student enrolled in NVTC will receive an amount of BD50/- monthly.


The Centre’s transport facility is fully equipped to provide a safe and convenient transportation for our students commuting from different areas. Students can use the bus facility without any charges. We cover the entire routes through our bus system. The Centre also provides this facility for industrial visits, excursion trips and other campus activities.


Each student is an ambassador of NVTC. We believe the way a student presents himself in public reflects not only on him personally, but also on the quality of education offered at our Centre. We strictly adhere to international standards of appropriate uniform that will not offend any particular group. Each student will get two sets of uniform and one pair of shoes yearly. Uniform is provided free to all our students.


NVTC is keen on rewarding its top achieving students by providing them with the opportunity to travel abroad. The reward policy of NVTC supports our students in gaining more knowledge, developing their personality, and building their confidence level and career skills.


There are numerous benefits associated with the use of mobile computing devices such as the iPad. Many see the iPad as a versatile, powerful tool that is changing the face of education for the students. With more than 15,000 “educational apps” available through Apple’s app store, students have no trouble in finding content and material for all areas of learning, and offering a diverse method to deliver instructions and engage students. Among the main benefits of using the iPad in class, we found the following benefits for students:

  • increases motivation.
  • facilitates access, management, and sharing of information.
  • fosters student learning and performance.
  • fosters individualized learning.
  • improves the reading experience.
  • encourages communication and collaboration among students.
  • nurtures students’ creativity.
  • a highly portable tool.
  • facilitates student assessment.
  • improves the quality of pedagogical support.
  • makes it easier to organize schoolwork and assignments.
  • significant benefits for students with learning problems

Ebooks are text documents that have been converted and published in a digital format that display on iPads and specialized reading devices. In today’s world, there are many online libraries of electronic text and online sellers of electronic books. Students can display ebook contents page by page in a portrait orientation, adjust text size, remember where they stopped reading to enable continuation from that point, take notes within the book, highlight portions of the text, add drawings, and look up definitions. The books are no longer limited to computers connected to the internet, but can also be stored and read on iPads, laptops, pocket computers using Windows CE and Palm operating systems. The variety of reading devices allows our students to access ebooks anywhere.

In a few short years, the iPad has made unprecedented inroads into elementary and high schools around the world. Each student at NVTC is provided with an iPad free of charge and installed ebooks application.


NVTC‘s clinic is open and a general practitioner is always available during the school day to attend to any emergency situation. The clinic has the initial treatment and medication that is needed for minor and mild cases.There is a well – equipped ambulance available to attend to any emergencies that require immediate transferring to hospital.


NVTC’s Food Court is a high-standard cafeteria that serves students during Breakfast Break when a variety of freshly baked foods are served. Students can enjoy a hot meal during Lunch Break as well. Traditional foods along with selected healthy dishes are offered to give the right diet to students that help them to continue their study till they arrive home and enjoy their family dinner. NVTC offers a nutritionally balanced menu. It is available for both students and staff for minimal charges.


NVTC’s Student Council provides a leadership role to the students and ensures that the views of the students are shared with the NVTC administration.


NVTC offers extracurricular activities and encourages its students to actively engage and participate in student activities on and outside campus. These activities promote a sense of community and loyalty, and are dedicated to help students develop as leaders and support them in their efforts to make a positive impact in their career. Our mission is to provide leadership opportunities and programming in an effort to enhance student life and establish skills through practical learning experiences.


NVTC offers a wide variety of sports facilities with modern equipment, swimming pool and an outdoor football field.

NVTC offers a wide variety of sports facilities with modern equipment, an arena for all sports (volleyball, basketball and handball), swimming pool and an outdoor football field.