Student Counseling


Believing in the important role of students’ participation in the responsibility of achieving the educational goals of the Nasser Center for Vocational Rehabilitation and Training, a council was established to represent the students, called: “Nasser Vocational Training  Center Students’ Council”, through which students learn how to succeed in communicating with others, and how to express their ideas with confidence and courage As the council gives the student more confidence, gives him the opportunity to prove himself, and involves him in planning, coordinating, preparing and organizing school events in their various aspects, and contributes to addressing the problems of the students of the center and expressing an opinion on appropriate solutions to them and the positive proposals submitted by students, which are considered unacceptable. Doubt is a natural result of the skills and knowledge they have acquired inside or outside the center.

The council’s philosophy is based on transferring part of the administrative and technical responsibility that targets the students within the center, to the students themselves, so that they adopt defining their desires and solving their problems through a council that includes an elected group of students of the center to represent them through it and is consulted on matters related to students such as desires, notes, proposals and aspirations in School atmosphere framework and discussion with them to come up with visions and recommendations that include appropriate solutions.

Objectives of the Council

Opening channels of communication between the center’s administration and its students

  • Identifying students’ opinions and the problems they face and sending them to the management of the center.
  • Submitting recommendations to the Center’s management of works and activities that would enhance the general interest of the Centre’s students.
  • Consolidation of the values that the center aims to put in students, and cultural, social and academic enrichment for the students of the center.
  • Helping the Center’s students to integrate into society as active and distinguished members.
  • Participate and hold various student activities and provide ideas and proposals for establishing student activities.
  • Supporting and refining students’ talents and developing them for the benefit of the students and the center.
  • Emphasizing the importance of dialogue and understanding as a method for elegant interaction.
  • Develop students’ leadership skills and build their balanced personality.
  • Fostering the spirit of competition among students by participating in council membership.
  • Get the student accustomed to hearing the other opinion and respecting its opinion, as long as it does not conflict with established principles.

Student Council Elections Rules

1- The Student Council consists of a number of members commensurate with the number of students in the center, with one member for each two classes who are elected by direct election, and two members by appointment, according to the following rules:

  1. The student must be of good conduct.
  2. The student should not have received a warning because of his low grade point average.
  3. He should not have been subjected to a disciplinary action or dismissal.

2- The student council elections are held with the written approval of the center administration in accordance with the rules and procedures mentioned in the regulations.

3- The door for candidacy for the Student Council membership elections opens in the first semester, and the opening of the nomination door is announced at least ten school days before the date specified for the elections, provided that the period for opening the door for candidacy is not less than five consecutive school days.

4- All students of the center have the right to nominate themselves for membership of the council in accordance with the rules as in Rule (1).

5- All students registered in the center are entitled to vote through an election form that contains a table of the names of the nominated students.

6- Voting shall be by direct ballot via the ballot box or by electronic voting, according to circumstances and circumstances.

الارشاد الطلابي Student Counseling
Guiding students permanently through classroom visits and E-mails. ارشاد  الطلاب بشكل دائم عن طريق الزيارات الصفية  ومن خلال التواصل الالكتروني.
Preparing talented people and placing them in the appropriate activities for them اعداد الموهوبين ووضعهم في الانشطة المناسبة لهم 
Awareness and preventive lectures. المحاضرات التوعوية والوقائية
Behavior modification through behavioral programs. تعديل السلوك من خلال البرامج السلوكية 
Students’ participation in internal and external activities and events that help them develop personality and leadership. مشاركة الطلاب في الانشطة والفعاليات الداخلية والخارجية التي تساعدهم على تطوير الشخصية والقيادة
Contacting with parents to follow up on the academic, health or behavioral levels and cases of students. التواصل مع اولياء الامور لمتابعة المستوى الاكاديمي او الصحي او السلوكي للطلاب
Encourage students to positive behavior and avoid negative behavior. تشجيع الطلاب على السلوك الايجابي وتجنب السلوك السلبي
Field trips, whether educational or recreational trips. Students are also rewarded for their participation in activities. الرحلات الميدانية ،سواء رحلات تعليمية اوترفيهية .وايضا تكون مكافأة للطلاب لمشاركتهم في الانشطة
Psychological support for students الدعم النفسي للطلاب


أنشطة الطلاب

تقدم NVTC الأنشطة اللامنهجية وتشجع طلابها على الانخراط والمشاركة بنشاط في الأنشطة الطلابية داخل وخارج الحرم المدرسي.

وتعزز هذه الأنشطة الشعور بالانتماء للمجتمع والولاء، وهي مكرسة لمساعدة الطلاب على تطورهم الشخصي كقادة ودعم جهودهم لإحداث تأثير إيجابي على حياتهم المهنية. لتحسين حياة الطلاب وتكوين المهارات من خلال خبرات التعلم العملية.

وينظم المركز ويقدم لطلابه سنوياً العديد من البرامج والأنشطة الموجهة لجميع الطلاب والتي تراعي مستوياتهم وميولهم وطموحاتهم واهتماماتهم لتلبي جميع رغبات الطلاب الجسدية والنفسية والمهارية، من خلال المحاضرات والمسابقات والفعاليات الطلابية داخل وخارج المركز والتي منها:

  • مسابقات ثقافية ودينية 
  • مسابقات رياضية 
  • محاضرات توعوية 
  • احتفالات وطنية 
  • تنظيم وزيارة المعارض المهنية والعلمية
  • ورش العمل العلمية والمهنية 

والذي يتم التخطيط لها وتنظيمها وفق جدول زمني محدد على مدار العام الأكاديمي.

Student activities

NVTC offers extracurricular activities and encourages its students to actively engage and participate in student activities on and off campus.

These activities foster a sense of community and loyalty and are dedicated to helping students develop their personal development as leaders and supporting their efforts to make a positive impact on their careers. To improve students’ lives and build skills through hands-on learning experiences.

The center organizes and annually offers its students many programs and activities directed to all students, which take into account their levels, tendencies, aspirations and interests to meet all students’ physical, psychological and skill desires, through lectures, competitions and student activities inside and outside the center, including:

Cultural and religious competitions

Sports competitions

Awareness lectures

National celebrations

Organizing and visiting professional and scientific exhibitions

Scientific and professional workshops

Which is planned and organized according to a specific schedule throughout the academic year.