English at NVTC


NVTC offers English courses to all its students to help prepare them not only to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) but also to help them achieve their academic and professional goals.

IELTS provides a fair, accurate and relevant assessment of language skills based on well-established standards. It covers the four language competencies  (i.e., Speaking, Reading, Writing and Speaking)  and a full range of ability, from beginner through mastery.

After almost a year of preparation, NVTC students take either a Mock IELTS exam on campus or the official IELTS test at the British Council.  For AY 2022-2023, 47 students registered for the official IELTS exam and garnered Band Scores ranging from 5 (Modest User) to 8 (Very Good User), as illustrated below:

NV20002 Abdulaziz Ismaeel Abdulaziz Ali                                     – Band 6.5

NV20029 Ahmed Maitham Ali Alaradi                                            – Band 6.5

NV20032 Ahmed Raed Ahmad Ali                                                    – Band 6.5

NV20011 Abdulla Mohamed Ali Altayyar                                        – Band 6.5

NV20069 Hamad Meshari Abdulla Alansari                                  – Band 6.5

NV20076 Hasan Mohamed Hasan Salman Ali Alsalam               – Band 6.5

NV20081 Husain Ali Husain Mohamed Qambar                           – Band 6.5

NV20109 Mohamed Haitham Mohamed Ramadhan Abdulla    – Band 6.5

NV20146 Sayed Abdulla Husain Ebrahim Juma Majed                – Band 6.5

NV20156 Yousif Mahmoud Alghareeb                                             – Band 6.5

NV2001 Mohamed Faisal Abdulla Alsahlawi                                   – Band 7

NV20005 Abdulla Anwar Ahmed Mubarak                                     – Band 7

NV20022 Abduluaziz Mustafa Abdulaziz Janahi                           – Band 7

NV20074 Hasan Jaafar Mohamed Ali Ayoob                                 – Band 7

NV20080 Husain Ali Husain Abdulla Hasan Alhakeem              – Band 7

NV20093 Khalid Hamad Mohamed Mater Jasim Al Shawoosh  – Band 7

NV20095 Khalifa Isa Ali Mohamed Isa Alghatam                          – Band 7

NV20101 Mohamed Abdulla Abdulhameed Abdulla Ashoor        – Band 7

NV20104 Mohamed Adel Mohamed Abdali Darwish                    – Band 7

NV20152 Turki Ismaeel A.Salam Husain Qasim Alharmi            – Band 7

NV20012 Abdulla Mohammed Salem Alkanderi                           – Band 7.5

NV20036 Ali Abdulameer Salman Thamer                                    – Band 7.5

NV20056 Bader Ahmed Hasan Ramadhan                                    – Band 7.5

NV20082 Husain Khalil Ali Fardan                                                 – Band 7.5

NV20090 Isa Khalifa Husain Mohamed Almhem                         – Band 7.5

NV20117 Mohammed Ali Mohammed Ali Alkahhali                    – Band 7.5

NV20086 Hussain Ali Abdulla Isa Ali Yusuf                                   – Band 8