Course Name: Pipefitting

Level 2

Course Description:

This course will include pipefitting activities including shaping engineering construction pipework components using hand tools, supporting the assembly of engineering construction pipework components to meet specifications, and supporting the positioning and installation of engineering construction pipework. Students will work with various types of piping and tools.


200 Hours

Awarding Body:

Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB)


1500 BHD per person for ECITB Certification

Component of ICE Level 2 – Pipefitting

To achieve the ICE Level 2 Award candidates must successfully complete the following:

  1. ECITB International Health and Safety Passport (IHSP) Foundation.
  2. A minimum of 2 Pipefitting Skill Specific Technical Tests (Level2).
  3. A minimum of 2 Skill Specific Technical Tests (Level2).

Level 2 – International Competence: Engineering-Construction

Pipefitting Skill Specific Technical Tests

No. Code Unit Name
1 TIPF01 Setting Out Pipework and Marking Out
2 TIPF03 Preparing Pipe Ends using Portable Edge Preparation Machines

Other Skill Specific Technical Tests

International Design and Draughting

Code Unit Name

International Electrical Maintenance

Code Unit Name
TIEM03 Inspecting and Testing Electrical Hand Tools

International Mechanical Fitting

Code Unit Name
TIMF01 Measuring and Inspecting Engineering Components