Introduction to Cybersecurity

Course Name: Introduction to Cybersecurity

Level: Beginning

Course Description:

This introductory course takes you inside the world of cybersecurity. You will learn cybersecurity basics to protect your personal digital life and gain insights into the biggest security challenges companies, governments, and educational institutions face today. Discover the world of cybersecurity and its impact, as you uncover the most common threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities. introductory knowledge of cybersecurity, including the global implications of cyber threats, the impact of cyber-attacks on industries, and why cybersecurity is a growing profession. Whether you’re attracted to the relativity new world of cybersecurity as a professional, or just interested in protecting yourself online and in social media, this introductory course is the answer. For instance, you’ll learn how to protect your personal privacy online while gaining additional insight on the challenges companies, and governmental and educational institutions face today, what cybersecurity is and its potential impact to you, understand the most common threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities, gain insights for how businesses protect their operations from attacks. Cybersecurity professionals who can protect and defend an organization’s network are in high demand.



Course Title Duration Cost
SEC01 Introduction to Cybersecurity by CISCO 15 Hrs 150 BHD

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Achievements: Cisco Digital Badge