Engineering Design & Prototyping

Course Name: Engineering Design & Prototyping

Level: 2

Course Description:

This course will examine simple and routine functions associated with the draughting discipline. The activities taught in this course will include being able to read and extract information from technical drawings and specifications and utilizing this information to perform common draughting tasks such as back-draughting, the creation of drawings from prepared sketches, the revision of company standard component drawings, and the marking- up of prints. Additionally, students will also be expected to perform activities throughout all stages of the design process including interpreting technical drawings and specifications to establish design information, identifying factors likely to affect design decisions, the conception, evaluation, and development of design options, producing CAD models and traditional engineering drawings, and communicating design information to internal and external parties. Due to the range of activities, a student may only be engaged in certain aspects of the complete design lifecycle. Most will begin with minor amendments to existing drawings or designs and will be expected to take on increasingly complex tasks as their experience and understanding increases.

Topics that will be covered: 

  • Introduction in Technical Drawing.
  • AutoCAD Software & 3D Printing.

Learning outcomes.

Technical Drawing:

  • basic drawing tools
  • orthographic projections
  • types of lines
  • dimensioning

AutoCAD Software

  • Coordinate System
  • Working Planes
  • Drawing settings
  • Templates
  • Draw commands
  • Modify commands
  • Annotation Commands
  • Layers
  • Dimensions & tolerances
  • Detail/section views
  • 3D Basics and 3D Modeling modules
  • 3D commands

3D Printing

  • Printing settings
  • Model format


80 Hours

Target Audience:

Engineers, product designers, Technicians, innovators, entrepreneurs and others.

Assessment type:

Knowledge and Practical evaluation.

Awarding Body:

Nasser Vocational Training Centre


800 BHD per person