Admission & Registration


Admission decisions are made after careful evaluation of the candidates. Results of placement test and previous Center records are considered on a case-by-case basis. Additional criteria for admission include motivation, social and emotional development, willingness to work hard, and the needs of the candidate.

To complete the registration process, the above-mentioned documents must be presented upon initiation of the admission process. A final admission decision cannot be made without this information.

All the prospective students take placement tests in Math, English, Arabic, and IQ. In addition to conducting personal interviews in Arabic and English. These tests help to determine if the student has attained the minimum expected standard for each subject.


To apply for Academic Year, you must complete the Online Admission Application through the portal and bring the original and submit a copy of the required documents.


You can come directly to our premises and fill in the Online registration form. 

Online Registration form is available in our website (

 Or (


Successful applicants MUST accept / confirm their offer in person at the NVTC during the period stated in their offer published on the NVTC website, in the SMS and email.

The general dates are specified in the academic calendar for the next Academic Year, showing the duration of confirming the offers.

To confirm an offer of place, the students must:

  • print their offer letter from admission and registration department, and
  • complete confirmation by submitting any missing documents and signing the required NVTC documents.

In cases where required documents are not available at the time of confirmation, a conditional offer is made. If the conditions of the offer are not met by the student on or before the due date, the offer will be withdrawn and the enrolment at NVTC cancelled.


Induction Day for new students is normally the first week of starting the classes in the first Semester of the Academic Year. According to the academic calendar (you can find it on the website) Or by sending email to


  •  Only Bahraini citizen can apply for NVTC, the admission is highly competitive, and there are limited places for each programme. Applicants who meet the minimum admission requirements and pass the Placement tests to the required levels are considered for an offer of place. Admission to a programme is limited by the programme size in that year.
  •  NVTC has the absolute right to reject or offer a place to any student.


  •  The accepted students list will be published on the NVTC website. An SMS will also be sent to all applicants with the decision. Normally NVTC makes two rounds of offers, and it is the applicants’ responsibility to confirm the offer during the period stated in their offer. Offers not confirmed during the time period are considered to be rejected by the applicant.


There is a deadline for applying application according to academic calendar, so it is recommended that the admission process be initiated early on. Applications are accepted on a space available basis at the beginning of the academic year.

Along with the student application form, you will be asked to provide certain documents including:

  • Student Must Be Bahraini.
  • Completed Application Form.
  • Copy of the Student Passport.
  • Copy of the Student CPR.
  • Copy of the Student Guardians (Mother & Father) CPR.
  • Copy of the Student Guardians (Mother & Father Passport.
  • Grade 9 Certificate (First Semester).
  • Student High School Medical Report.
  • Recent Photo of the Student.
  • Good Conduct Letter for the Pervious School (Can be delivered later).

Additionally, for students transferring from:

Bahraini Schools: 

  • Public Schools: A transfer certificate certified from the previous school approved by Ministry of Education.
  • Grade 9 Final Grades Report.


  • Private schools: A transfer certificate certified from the Private Education Section in MOE.
  • Grade 9 Final Grades Report.

Schools outside Bahrain. School certificates need to be certified from one or more of the following:

  • Ministry of Education in country of origin.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in country of origin.
  • Embassy of Bahrain in country of origin.
  • Final Grade 9 Certificate.