Course Name: Pipefitting

Level 2

Course description:

This course discusses pipefitting activities used to connect industrial and domestic pipework, by non-welding methods. It explains pipe classification, along with joining techniques to ensure correct integrity. Sealing methods to include correct gasket, taping, and joining compound options. Efficiency of pipe runs, knowledge of restricting factors that affect flowrate, pressure/temperature relationship and calculating pressure drops in pipework, Safety implications of incorrect pipe isolation related to equipment removal. Practically, learning, threading galvanized pipe, adhering plastic pipe gasket production, by hand, and correct flange connection methods. Pipefitting accessories such as clamping, u bolt supports and avoiding drilling walls that have dangerous materials such as asbestos and electric cables.

Course objectives and learning:

  • Piping Dimensions and Terminology
  • Pipe isolation and safety techniques
  • Threaded Piping Systems
  • Flanges (securing techniques)
  • Plastic Piping Systems
  • Pipefitting Accessories
  • Steam pipe installations (steam traps, strainers etc)
  • Gaskets and sealing of piping service mains.
  • Piping run efficiency and fluid flowrates


80 hours

Awarding Body:

Nasser vocational Training Centre (NVTC)


1500 BHD per person for NVTC Certification